Break the shell of the body
Bleach the eye of the soul
Blind the path of the mind 
Betray the price of life

In this journey of your life abstracted in the form of a metaphorical space, you go through the three stages of life as your body, soul, and mind in pursuit of the ultimate freedom that is kept away either by this world, or by your very self. 
This 3D game challenges players to solve puzzles, perform platforming mechanics, and decipher symbols and representations in order to reach their next destination and understand the message behind. The concept is inspired by the philosophical question of whether we as human beings, given our free will, are ever truly free. 
Pondering about whether we as human beings, given our free will, are truly free or not is the foundation for the creation of Monostrophe. Going forward with this question, we divided "life" into the three stages of (1)body: the shell that contains us and the boundary that keeps us away from higher realms; (2)soul: the vitality of our life that enables us to control our body and perform tasks; (3)mind: the abstracted representation of who we actually are, hence the free will. The goal of Monostrophe is to bring players into the same process of life by going through each individual stage, making them recognize the characteristics of each component before stripping the layers down until in the end, all that is left is purely "players' eyes", where the communication no longer happens between the experience and the character, but the experience and the players' own mind. Hence a successful experience in our vision will see the player have the same feeling when someone thinks about the question as to "why am I me? why am I this person? why am I living inside this body?" Monostrophe is one's monologue not spoken to a watching audience, but to their very selves, challenging them to think both outside the box and outside themselves. 

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